Welcome to 10Rj!
Date: Sunday, February 15 @ 19:53:30 CST
Topic: Welcome to 10Rj!

10Rj started by ryand, dills, MrJohnson, Sandman, CaptainD and Compuzen on 13th Feb 2009.

It may take a little time for things to be working smoothly but we feel like we have enough experience (totalling over 10 years in the TR community) to make a clan work well and we all share the common interest of making a truly dominant TR clan.

Ranks are posted below and take effect immediately. Make sure that you have respect for all members and that you follow the orders of your superiors.

Signed: Maj.ryand

This article comes from 10Rj: 10. Radfahr-Jäger-Brigade - Call of Duty Tactical Realism Clan

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